1st Step to Get More Customers

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Have you ever purchased a new car, driven it home proudly, knowing you had chosen well, a unique vehicle with special features and a beautiful color, only to suddenly pass several of the same vehicles within your first five miles?

Suddenly you see your smart purchase everywhere — in every other garage, in the carpool line, and at the mall.

I remember as a kid learning a new word, and believe it or not, that night on TV the news anchor used it, then it appeared on the pages of my bedtime reading.

Why does this happen?  Your brain is a filter and will only pay attention to what you tell it to and this is a secret to marketing.

The first secret to get more customers: know your ideal customer and you will find him.

There is no magic here, but you become attuned to what you want, then you start finding it.  Your marketing will be more attractive because you are not firing bird shot but arrows.

the perfect insurance consumer?

How do you determine your ideal customer?

1.  Look at your current book of business.  Pull out the top 10 to 25 revenue generating customer.

2.  Pick out the best of the best.  Of that group, would you consider any of those customers ideal customers?  Ask: “If I could clone this customer, would I? Does he pay consistently and generate little service activity?  Does he send us quality referrals?”  Try to find more than one of these examples in the list.

3.  List out the common characteristics of these ideal customers.  Don’t look at the characteristics above, but think about demographics: their likes, dislikes, marital status, income bracket, occupation, age group, zip code, children, education, outside interest.  How do they dress?  What do they like to eat?  What do they do for entertainment?  How do they like to do business?  How do they like to communicate with you?

4.  Create a clear picture of this person.  Just like you would draw up a job description for the ideal team member, create written description of your ideal person.  Get him in your head, share him with your staff, put his picture on your desk.

Then what?  After you do this, you will begin seeing this customer everywhere.  When you craft marketing, it won’t be to a general audience, but you will be writing to your perfect customer.  You will ask for referrals from people that will send you this person.

So, do you have an ideal customer?

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