Best Insurance Podcasts (and Vlogs)

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Because of the time I spend in my car, I feel like I’m wasting an opportunity, if I don’t make it productive. Learning and riding was instilled early in my life. I still remember riding with my dad while he listened to Zig Ziglar.

Zig talked frequently about Automobile University, and stressed that drive time could be a time of growth and education.


Evidentally that concept went deep inside me, and we live in a Golden Age of Automobile University because of the tremedous growth and quality of podcasting.

best insurance podcasts

Top Insurance Podcasts

Agent’s Influence – iTunesStitcher  Jason Cass is an agency owner in small-town Illinois, but has become successful through niche marketing and digital media.  The library of podcasts has excellent episodes on digital marketing and customer experience, but Jason is at his best when interviewing interesting guests

Agent Leader Podcast – Brent Kelly (formerly Winning Strategies from Roger Sitkins) iTunesStitcher  Brent is former successful commercial producer, that recently joined the insurance consulting firm, The Sitkins Group.  Each episode is quick and practical.  If you are actively selling, then you will find a lot of value in each listen.

Agency Nation RadioiTunesStitcher  Agency Nation is produced inside of IIABA’s Trusted Choice program.  Both Ryan Hanley and Joey Giangola discuss all things marketing, especially as it relates to digital media.  There’s really no better place to learn about the power of video marketing for insurance agents.  Every episode is motivating and provides a kick in the pants to take action.

Connected Insurance Podcast – iTunes This is run by the consulting group, Agency Revolution.  It is primarily an interview-based podcast.  Each interview features marketing experts and innovators inside the insurance industry.  It will put you in touch with folks who are making things happen but may not have been on your radar.

Digital Advisor – iTunesStitcher  Digital Advisor is a fairly new podcast, and was created by Advisor Evolved. This is a business that provides digital solutions for insurance agency. You would think it would be nothing more than a commercial for its service, but there is excellent actionable content here that can help agencies craft marketing strategies in the online space.

Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast – iTunesStitcher This is an industry podcast run by Abel Travis.  Abel is a commercial product manager for a large commercial carrier.  He has done an excellent job snagging insurance thought leaders for interviews.  Many of the topics include innovation inside the industry especially in regards to Insurtech.

Insurance Journal TV – iTunesStitcher This podcast is a mashup of industry news and marketing advice.  Insurance Journal has been a long-time source of industry news, and it’s nice to see it move some of that information into an audio form. Peter van Aartrijk, the insurance brand expert, runs the marketing episodes.

Profiles in Risk  – iTunesStitcher The folks over at InsNerds created this podcast.  Many of the shows are focused on career development and opportunity within the insurance world.  It is carrier focused, but the topics bring insight into the industry as a whole, and how agents need to position themselves as our business continues to evolve.

There are more insurance related podcast, but some are inactive or not regularly updated.  If you search around you might find those.  There is some good evergreen content with many of those, but the following are consistently putting out excellent content.

Top Insurance Vlogs

Ok, these aren’t technically podcasts, but they function the same way.  Just like a podcast app, you can subscribe to video channels through Youtube.  This is newer territory for the insurance industry, but here are examples of two great insurance channels.

Agency Nation   – This is put together by the same gang that runs the Agency Nation podcast.  The production value is amazing, and each episode is full of tidbits of marketing information and motivation.

Woody Brown – Insurance Agent.  I am sure there are other agents out there doing great video attracting customers in their local markets and niches, but Woody stands out.  He’s an agency partner at the Rhoads Group in the Atlanta area.  This year he’s taken the challenge of doing a video a day.  You couldn’t do better if you want to learn how to do video.

I am sure I didn’t cover all the podcasts and vlogs out there.  Let me know what I missed, and what you listen to.

Be Productive,


P.S. Podcast pro-tip:  listen at 2x!

photo credit: Mr Padraig Trophies via photopin (license)

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